Just Moxie

Perhaps once in a lifetime, a moment like this will come along. Pulse elevated, pupils dilated, nostrils flared; you had better hang on for one trippy ride. The adrenaline will pump through your veins like battery acid, and you'll have to fight your bestial instincts to resist the pheromones that are rampant in the air. You will see a performance with such sparkling wit and dazzling wordplay that William Friggin' Shakespeare......... will read like Highlights Magazine. Your daydreams will look like Dali paintings while those around you will wish you had posted that "Splash Zone" sign. We will spoil you for all other comedy, but damn it, you won't be able to hold it against us- it'll be just. that. good. We're sassy with just enough bite, but we still want to cuddle before we make breakfast. No pretense, no regrets, Just Moxie.